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Interested in a Revolutionary New Technology that will expand your business opportunities, increase both efficiency & profitability, and provide a safer, cleaner environment for both clients and employees? You found it - DustRam®!!!


The DustRam® System Equipment is now available to Licensed Contractors, Flooring Installation companies, Remodelers, Commercial Property Renovation companies, Utilities, and other industries in need of dust elimination when working with flooring materials and concrete.  Our system of equipment and processes are an exceptionally fast and professional method of removing flooring dust free. The DustRam® System Equipment has been field tested to outperform any other products currently available that claim to provide dust elimination.

Is the DustRam® System the Opportunity of a Lifetime?

Purchasing the DustRam® System equipment will provide your company with a unique new approach to discriminating homeowners, access to commercial projects in sensitive environments, improve productivity, increase profitability, and address health concerns of a growing population of more knowledgeable customers and employees.  It also provides for substantial market advantages over the competition that include:

  • Elimination of wasted time and materials attempting to construct ineffective barriers to mitigate the invasive dust created with traditional chipping and scraping tools.
  • A 3 to 5 times (or more) reduction in the man hours spent removing Tile and various other flooring materials.
  • Significantly increases time available for floor installation in addition to generating profits from the tear out.
  • Achieves measurably flatter, cleaner floor surfaces that reduce prep time and the amount of adhesives required for new flooring materials.
  • Creates new market opportunities to perform your services in schools, medical facilities, corporate offices, food industry warehouses, high tech machinery rooms, libraries, etc.
  • Eliminates health concerns of both your potential clients and employees who may suffer from Asthma, Allergies, COPD or other Respiratory conditions, have small children or care for their elder generations, and pet owners.
  • Ensures clients are truly satisfied, increasing your referral rate through word of mouth and generating more qualified leads for new business.


As a Premium service offering, your ability to distinguish your company above others in your industry will enable you to charge a premium price as well. The DustRam® System equipment will pay for itself and increase profitability with every flooring removal project it performs. Please watch the video below for an introduction to the speed, efficiency, and dust capturing ability of the DustRam® System equipment.


The DustRam® System Saves Time, Increases Production, and Produces More Profit


The DustRam® Equipment System is so technologically advanced and efficient, it can easily double the amount of tile removed by the day, week, or month.  Imagine being able to reduce your work-day in half while maintaining your current income or continue your current work load schedule and doubling your income.  Either way, labor costs are reduced and cleaning costs eliminated, not only paying for the equipment but substantially increasing your bottom line.

Factoring in speed, cleanliness, and the dramatically smoother, flatter sub-floor that will result, the DustRam® System equipment delivers four times more value to your operations than the old-fashioned, traditional methods of messy, inefficient, sub-floor damaging tile removal equipment.  The video below shows how.



Is the DustRam® System Equipment a Good Fit for Your Company?

There are several strategies for implementing the DustRam® System equipment to the greatest benefit and all start with carefully assessing your local market conditions.  For Contractors, the DustRam® System equipment could be an exciting and profitable opportunity for you to reach more middle to high-end clientele.  Ask yourself if your business model and market perspective include any of the following present or potential clients:


> Homeowners, business owners, designers, retailers, contractors, and other professionals
> Individuals who are particular about their homes or retail businesses like Stores or Restaurants
> Individuals or families with allergies, asthma, or other health conditions, small children, or pets
> Retirement Communities, Assisted Living and Nursing Homes
> Universities, Schools and Daycare Centers
> Medical Facilities and Hospitals
> Resorts, Hospitality, Churches, Event and Convention Centers
> Military Bases


The more varied and expansive your client base, the more the DustRam® System is a potentially lucrative business investment for you. Attracting and servicing these clients requires extreme attention to detail, intelligent workmen, follow-through, and proper equipment maintenance.  If you already have or wish to achieve this level of professionalism, the DustRam® System equipment will benefit your business.


In the video below, we not only removed 578 sq. ft. of Saltillo tile in 6 hours but also cut a 9 linear foot channel for a floor electrical outlet in 45 minutes - both DUST FREE!


The Patented DustRam® System Sets A New Standard for Dust-Free Tile Removal

The patented DustRam® System equipment will become the standard for judging the effectiveness of dust-free tile removal equipment.  Its military grade design and construction make it as rugged as it is effective.  When used properly for its intended purpose, the DustRam® Chipping Tool attachment is designed and built to last for decades.  Based upon extensive testing and research, this one component of the DustRam® System Equipment is capable of delivering 3-4 million square feet of high quality, dust free tile removal when used with other system components. This is the equivalent of 3,000-4,000 jobs at 1,000 square feet per job.  Calculate performing these jobs at double your current price and the profit that would result. Not only does it make good business sense, there is additional value in its return on investment.


The DustRam® System Equipment Pays for Itself Many Times Over

Used regularly, the DustRam® System equipment is capable of generating profits at many times over its initial price. Can you say the same for your present traditional equipment and methods of removing floor coverings? There are unlimited applications, some we have not even thought of yet, for using the DustRam® System equipment.  As seen in the video below, you will be able to perform numerous services at a profit.



The DustRam® System Equipment Performs


No words can accurately describe the performance of the DustRam® System Equipment although contractors who own it and customers who are serviced usually say "Amazing", "Incredible", "Fantastic" among other positive comments.  We feel it is best to share our videos with you so that you are able to see actual flooring removal jobs being performed without plastic and tape, inside closets with the clothes still in them, in pantries with food on the shelves, and with actual clients in the room during the process. 



Future Potential and Economic Impact of the DustRam® System Equipment

The latest improvements in technology provide companies with an edge in their respective markets.  Truth is, no one has presented anything like the DustRam® System Equipment to the Floor Covering Industry until now. Plastic and rubber boots, including cheaply made metal accessories coming into the market fail to adequately capture dust.  Upon closer examination, these cheaply made and rather embarrassingly thought out components simply can not concentrate the suction power without clogging and wearing out quickly.  To prevent cloggng, these cheap components must be positioned far enough away from the tip of the chisel and a MUCH lower powered vacuum utilized.  By not being able to maximize the tool and the vacuums suction, this allows a significant amount of debris and dust to reach the living environment, causing premature repairs and/or replacement of other costly equipment components, while not providing employees or clients sufficient protection from airborne Chrystalline Silica dust generated during flooring removal.  We recognize this is a significant health hazard, as does OSHA and many Health Organizations.  People from all over the United States and Canada, as well as other parts of the world, that see our videos online contact us asking about who in their area can perform dust free flooring removal.  As awareness of the availabilty of dust free flooring removal grows, so will the demand for it.  Do you want to be ahead of the competition or running to catch up with them?


The DustRam® System equipment is 100% built in the USA.


If you have read this far down the page and explored the various videos showing the DustRam® System Equipment, we wanted to provide you with the video below for comparison purposes.  Does it show your current method of Flooring removal?  If so, please call or use our Contact page immediately!