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DustHogz, Inc. – Florida Dust Free Tile Removal – Lee County, Fort Myers, Cape Coral

DustHogz, Inc. – Florida Dust Free Tile Removal – Lee County, Fort Myers, Cape Coral2018-06-22T07:53:06+00:00

DustHogz, Inc. – A Certified DustRam® System Dust Free Tile Removal Contractor In Englewood, Ft. Myers, Florida

DUSTHOGZ 2Jim Leclerc is a talented contractor who understands the importance of a job not only done well but also Dust Free.  DustHogz will be pleased to talk with you about your floor covering removal.

DustHogz, Inc is a Certified DustRam® System Equipment contractor authorized to perform Dust Free Tile Removal in Englewood, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Venice, and the surrounding areas.

Call (844) 463-8783 for DustRam® System Dust Free Tile Removal.

Here is a video for those of you who have not witnessed the amazing feats of the DustRam® System.


Attention DustHogz Customers:  This is Jack King, President of DustRam LLC.  I strive to have only the best contractors using the DustRam® System Equipment.  I am confident you will extremely pleased with the results from the contractor listed here.  If you should receive anything less than stellar service or if your home/business is not left at least as clean if not cleaner before they started, I want to hear from you.  My email address is

Here are some recent Testimonials from satisfied clients about DustHogz, Inc.:

February 19, 2018

Hi, just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and the guys that were with you.  You guys did an awesome job….hands down!!  I could not have been happier with the results.  And I want to thank you for the observation you made when working on the island in the kitchen.  You said it looked like there may be a leak.  You were spot on!!  We removed the trim and a 9″ x 6″ area of drywall where we assumed the drain was….damn thing has been leaking!!  It has been fixed and hopefully this will not happen again….makes me wonder if that’s why the door was rotted from the inside out.  Again, thanks.

Shari Groat

October 6, 2016


Thank you again for the great job you did in removing our tile and wood.  In particular, the tile removal was surprisingly truly “dust free.”  I have witnessed first hand how messy this type of procedure has been in the past and your technology and professionalism were amazing.  I would recommend you to anyone.  Good luck in the future and feel free to use me as a reference.

Greg Hagopian
Bradenton, FL

August 11, 2016

Hi Jack,

This is just a short note to tell you how much we appreciate the innovative technology you developed to make the chore of removing our kitchen floor tile something that we truly had a hard time believing could be done. Dust free! Jim and his crewman, Glen from Dust Hogz, ripped out over 200 feet of kitchen floor tile in a few hours and left the kitchen spotless (dustless) as well as the rest of the house. I am an engineer and I understand what it takes to take a good idea and to transform that idea into a practical, workable, affordable reality.

You, sir, have done it.

Thank you,

Tony Mirabella

July 15, 2016

We recently had our tile and thin set removed prior to installing a wood floor. Dust Hogz was not only professional, but the work was excellent.  We will gladly recommend them to anyone looking for this type of service.
Larry & Venus Basta
Venice, FL

June 22, 2016

Dear Jim, I just wanted to send you an email about the fantastic job you did for Alexis and me.  As we stated to you, we were scared to have this work done by the installers Home Depot were using.  All they could talk about was the mess and the dust that removing our tile would cause and given our problems with COPD, we felt that we might have to cancel the whole job.  I did some research and was able to find you online.  You assured us that with your system, there would be no dust or mess.  We decided to trust you and our trust was well deserved.  You came when you said you would and did the job in one day and it was everything you said it would be.  We are more than happy and will recommend you to anyone who is removing tile or carpeting as the only way to go.  Once again, thanks for getting our remodeling job off to a great start.

Regards, Alexis and Paul Friedlander

January 8, 2016

John and I are so happy with and impressed by your service.  Your willingness to work with our schedule on short notice, the quality of the work your team provided, and your thoughtful and intelligent approach to tile removal was exceptional.  The cuts you made to preserve tile in selected areas were masterfully executed.  Your attention to detail and clean up are very much appreciated.  I have more dust in my car than you left in our new house.  We will enthusiastically recommend you to our friends or anyone looking to remove the tile.

Many, many thanks, Heather Miller

October 14, 2015

Hi Jim:

Carol and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you, Glen and Steve did removing the tile in our home on 05 Oct 2015.  Carol was very unsure of the dust free removal and so was I, but I watched the video numerous times, my son couldn’t believe it either, but after about 3 weeks and talking to Carol about how much and how long we would be cleaning dust and dirt, she finally agreed with me to give the Dust Hogz a try, we had nothing to lose, except dust and dirt.  I was very impressed with your quick set up and taking up of the tile and thin set, and NO dust or dirt.  I’m a believer.  My son came over that evening and was amazed at the job, and was checking everywhere for dust and couldn’t believe it, he asked, “did they put up any plastic,” I said NO NONE. I commend you and your crew for a professional job well done.  Carol and I will recommend Dust Hogz to our friends.  Thank You for saving us hours and hours of cleaning.

Larry and Carol Perrine, Cape Coral, FL

August 24, 2015

Jim……Absolutely amazing is the simplest and truest way to describe what occurred at my home today. When they say dust free,  they mean dust free!!!  You did a great job in a professional manner! I will gladly be a point of reference for you. Thanks again for a great job

Patrick and Linda Glennon

April 25, 2015

Jim and Justin were awesome!  They completed our tile demolition, completely dust-free, in record time.  The DustRam System process is the best.  We couldn’t believe the speed and cleanliness of the project.  Thanks for making our bathroom renovation such a snap.  Sarasota tile demolition will never be the same!  Jim is the Man!

Katherine Brown

April 17, 2015

Hi Jim,

We had a bad day yesterday. The wrong tile was delivered which set us back about 10 days, but we’ll recover, just very aggravating. The good news, however, was the compliments I heard from my master tile installer Martin (even though he lost a day of work).

He could not believe that Dust Hogz did not use plastic sheets to minimize the dust.  Martin is old school tile removal and thought that I was kidding.  I told him to go to YouTube to view the demo tape. He called to tell me that he is going to look into this new method of dust free tile removal because he was so impressed with the work that you performed. And Martin is very hard to impress!

I just wanted to write to tell you that you and Glenn did a superb job and were very meticulous about carefully removing the tile from the floor molding.  There was no damage to existing trim molding! And, the concrete floor after tile removal was immaculate and level.

All in all an exceptional job and very reasonably priced.

Thank you very much and we will continue to promote your DustRam System for dust free tile removal.

Best regards,

Scott Riddile

Real Estate Investor

Venice, FL

March 8, 2015

Dear Jim,

I will just start my praises by telling you thank you for the courtesy and professionalism you demonstrated from the moment I first contacted you.  You promptly returned my email with a phone call and I appreciated the personal touch, most especially in today’s electronically run society.

My story in a nutshell….I relocated to Naples a couple months ago and bought a house that needed some updating with a large tile job being top on my priority list.  However, I put it off for several months because I was absolutely DREADING the mess typically created by the standard tile removal method.  I had it done in my previous home and it was a nightmare!  Afterward I was cleaning walls, cleaning absolutely everything inside of the cabinets, just nothing but cleaning for days.  I positively did not want to live the nightmare again!  But I also did not want to be faced with looking at that ugly tile one minute longer.  So I turned to Google for enlightenment on alternative dust free tile removal methods and voila….the Dustram System!  Thank goodness.  Not only did you show up on time, which is no small feat seeing how far you travel, and you brought with you the nicest, most respectful crew.

Now let’s get to the most important part…..the Dustram System method is truly incredible!  The slab practically looked brand new when you finished and the very minimal amount of dust was exactly what I was hoping for.  You told me the equipment is revolutionary and you weren’t kidding.  I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have found out about it and you for the job.  I mean a job of over 500 square feet and barely any dust, not to mention completed in just hours….WOW!!   I am so impressed by Dustram and by your ability to use it that I will surely tell everyone I can about your company.

All I can say is thank you for everything Jim, and I am happy to provide a reference to anyone you would like.  I wish you all the very best in your endeavors.  Great job!

Most sincerely,

Diana Vittorio

March 1, 2015

Hi Jim,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to send you this reference- -it’s been crazy around here!  Thanks for everything, and if someone would like to talk to us as a reference, feel free to have them call.

When we decided to have approximately 1725 square feet of wood flooring installed throughout our house, we dreaded having the tile removed because of the dusty mess it creates.  When we heard about the Dust Hogz (Jim and Glenn) and their dust free tile removal DustRam System, we immediately contacted them and hired them to do the job, and we are so happy we did.  The days they were in our home removing all the tile was almost like a non-event compared to what we imagined.  Jim and Glenn are true professionals.  They are hardworking and trustworthy, and their DustRam System lives up to everything they say it is.  We highly recommend the Dust Hogz, and if you need to have tile removed, hire them with the confidence of knowing you will not be disappointed!

J&J Killen

February 1, 2015

Dear Jim and Glen….the DustRam System men,
Wow, I was freaking out just thinking about tile removal of 1800 square feet and all the dust that would accompany that job. In fact, just the thought of the filth of tile removal made us delay our home renovation project for several years.  I kept saying, “No way are we going to live through that mess ever again!” So, Steve went online and found you guys.  Am I ever glad we found you!!!  You put an end to the indecision and got us finally moving forward on a much-needed renovation.

You both were a pleasure to work with, you did a beautiful job, your attitudes and demeanor were wonderful the whole three days, and you were neat and tidy throughout the project.  Not only did we get a job well done, but we felt like we made new friends.

The bottom line to anyone else reading this…The Dust Hogz are the best!! I give them 5 stars out of 5.  There is no need for respirators, no cloud of dust, and no coughing up cement dust weeks later.  Try them out if you want to remove tile the dust freeway and end up with a clean smooth cement floor ready to be tiled, hard-wooded, stoned, or eaten off of, well, maybe not that clean, ha…a job well done guys.  We’d do it all over again.

Thank you so much! We can’t recommend you highly enough.

Jeanie and Steve Olson

October 12, 2014

Just a short note to say thank you to you and your partner for an outstanding job removing appr. 2000 square feet of tile and thin set using the DustRam System.  Your system lived up to everything and all expectation my Wife and I had and we would highly recommend to anyone needing to have dust free tile removal to be calling your company.  I truly believe that this will be the way of the future for tile and thin set removal.

Again thanks for a great job.

A & B Pirkau

September 23, 2014

Hello Jim,

I wanted to again thank you for the exceptional job done by yourself and your partner.  I was amazed that you two were able to remove all tile and thin set from two rooms in 5 hours time AND NO dust left behind.  The floor looks great.  You and the Dust Ram System certainly lived up to your promise.  I will definitely recommend your company to anyone contemplating dust free tile removal.  Hiring Dust Hogz for tile removal is a no-brainer.

Thanks again and all the best

Phil Rothe

August 20, 2014

Hi Jim,

Thanks again for the great job you guys did at the house.

Here is my testimonial:

Would absolutely use Dust Hogz again!  Exceptional service and unbelievably dust free tile removal.

Martha Ibarra

Naples, FL

August 17, 2014

Dear Jim:

My wife and I want to thank you for your excellent tile removal work at our home using the DustRam System. As you know, our recently purchased home required approximately 1650 square feet of ceramic tile removal.  We have been through the home renovation process before and we know that one of the most difficult aspects for my wife was dealing with the dust and grime following tile removal.

As we began to research contractors, we came across Jack King’s videos and his DustRam System.  I was immediately impressed with the way in which the DustRam System seemed to grab dust as it was being created and capture it in the vacuum.  I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to find you, one of the few contractors in the nation, located so close to my home.
A brief discussion with you confirmed that I was indeed lucky enough to find a professional with the exceptional equipment so close to home.  As my wife was present during much of the work, I received only glowing reports about your cleanliness, efficiency, and professionalism.

In short, I cannot thank you enough for a job well done.  You, Glenn and the DustRam System have made my wife and me believers in the videos produced by Mr. King.  The DustRam System is truly as remarkable as he claims, especially when operated by the fine craftsmen such at Dust Hogz.


Paul J. Tobin

July 21, 2014

Hello Mr. King (President of DustRam, LLC)

My name is Jasen Pellegrino and wanted to reach out to you and tell about my recent experience with my tile removal.  I contacted Dust Hogz and began speaking with Jim.  I wanted my tile removed but without the dust due to my kid’s severe allergies.  I told Jim about my current living situation (we had a flood) and he was very understanding.  He stressed to me that he and his partner Glen will do everything they can to get it done, including driving 3 hours from Sarasota.  Well, they came on Thursday and finished Saturday and I was amazed!!  The product you created is truly revolutionary and an asset to the industry.  Jim and Glen busted their butts for 3 days and I couldn’t have asked for more.  They had nothing but positives things to say about you.  I am truly impressed with your equipment and the guys you have representing it.  I have already told my friends and fellow co-workers about the DustRam System.  I would hire and refer Dust Hogz to anyone looking to remove the tile and for a clean and dust free house.  I just wanted to share this with you and let you know how happy I and my family are.  Have a great day.

Jasen Pellegrino

Call (844) 463-8783 for DustRam® System Dust Free Tile Removal in Sarasota, Englewood, Bradenton, Venice, Naples, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, Florida

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