Utah Dust Free Tile Removal

Dust Free Tile Removal Utah

When it comes to dust free tile removal in Utah, Travis Rinehart the owner of Rhino Dustless Demolition knows what it takes to make this service into something amazing.  Travis works closely with Vama Flooring, which is owned by his brother-in-law and located near Salt Lake City.  Acquiring the DustRam® System will further benefit their clients and enhance their already solid reputation, with the ability to remove tile, stone, ceramic, porcelain, wood, paint, coatings and other flooring dust free.  The great news is this premium service will also be made available to homeowners who might already have another source for materials and flooring installation, and need a source for dust free tile removal.

Travis is a very particular contractor.  He knew early in his career in flooring removal there had to be a better way to remove tile than the normal dusty way, and so he set out to learn what would be needed to offer his clients a superior service.  His search ended with the discovery of the DustRam® System.  Since Vama Flooring was offering a dustless method for sanding and finishing hardwood, it only seemed logical the next step was to offer customers a professional service to remove tile dust free.  This way clients can have the entire process, from the removal of flooring to the installation of floors completed in a dust-free manner.

Travis has had past personal experience of having flooring removed from his home, and knows all too well just how bad the dust can be.  After spending money on cleaning air ducts, washing down walls and ceilings, cleaning out cabinets, drawers, and closets full of clothing he realized the traditional way of removing tile was no bargain, no matter how cheap it might cost or even if it was offered for free.  With the DustRam® System he now can provide a superior service to clients who have beautiful, nice homes, including those with serious health concerns such as allergies, COPD and other respiratory conditions.  Please call Travis today at 385-419-0312 to find out more or to schedule your project.  You may also visit his website at http://www.rhinodustlessdemo.com

We would like to share a Video with you created by our fellow Contractor in Phoenix, AZ if you have not witnessed the amazing feats of the DustRam® System.


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Attention Rhino Dustless Demolition Customers:  This is Jack King, President of DustRam LLC.  I strive to have only the best contractors using the DustRam® System Equipment.  I am confident you will extremely pleased with the results from the contractor listed here.  If you should receive anything less than stellar service or if your home/business is not left at least as clean if not cleaner before they started, I want to hear from you.  My email address is info@dustram.com

Dust Free Tile Removal service in the following areas in Utah:  Salt Lake City, SLC, Provo, Highland, American Fork, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, Draper, Lindon, Sandy, Riverton, South Jordan, Cottonwood Heights, Orem, Midvale, West Jordan, Holladay, Murray, Idaho, Wyoming