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To start off with, there are absolutely NO companies doing this specialized service in and around the Tucson area.  We will go into further detail and explain some of the reasons for this below.

Please take the time to read this article, and print it out for your flooring installer, flooring contractor, interior designer or home improvement specialist to see.

Finding A Dust Free Tucson Floor Tile Removal Company

The main issues facing Tucson homeowners is there literally is no company in Tucson dedicated to removing tile flooring in their areas, and for those companies who include a service for removing tile, they feel there is no market, no demand for removing flooring dust free, which is simply not true.

As you can see from the data retrieved from Google Adwords below, there are between 10-14 searches per month for the search term “dust free tile removal” in just the Tucson area.

Also, there are plenty of people simply searching for “tile removal“, and those people are not even typing the words dust free, no dust or even dustless beforehand.

This data does not even include Bing Search (the default search engine for Windows users) or Yahoo Search.  So the market is clearly there, whether they want to believe it or not.

Click the picture you see below, it will open in a new window to Full Size:

tucson removal tile google

Based on some of the phone calls we have received at Arizona Home Floors in the last few months, the average home in Tucson could have over 800 to 1,000 square feet of tile, and in some cases, over 2,000 square feet of the difficult to remove saltillo tile.

This certainly could be called demand.

What this tells us is there are people who are seeking to have the flooring in their home removed with no dust, however, there are no companies who specialize in this.

Arizona Home Floors, based in Tempe, is too far away (1 and a half to 2 hours) to make it logical to perform flooring removal in this area.  We would much rather have a company out there who owns the DustRam® System and has their own BBB, Yelp and Google reviews driving their business.

Let’s take a look at a YellowPages.com search targeting Tucson, click the image below expand it to its Full Size, the image will open in a new window:

yellow pages flooring companies tucson azAs you can see, there are no dedicated tile floor removing companies in your area.  It’s unfortunate because this is a service needed.

Tucson Dust Free Tile Removal Doesn’t Exist

The other thing the homeowners might hear from flooring companies, is there is simply “no way” to remove tile without dust, but as you can see in the video below, also is not true.

Below is a recent video of saltillo tile being removed without dust.

Saltillo floor tile is typically very difficult to remove because of how it breaks up, and the dust is creates can be very dangerous to the homeowner and their pets.

Most companies who remove floor tile (ceramic, porcelain, slate) will charge extra for saltillo removal, and they have to because it takes longer to remove.

Silica Dust Dangers From Traditional Floor Removal

The dangers of silica dust have been proven time and time again:



Silicosis is a problem for flooring removers, including homeowners, children and their pets since they are not protected from the silica dust when tile floors are removed the traditional way, meaning, NOT dust free.

Keep in mind typical flooring removal companies will not have the patented DustRam equipment, and therefore will NOT be able to contain dust from settling on the following areas:

  • Kitchen counter-tops
  • Electronics
  • Cabinets
  • Ceiling
  • Air Ducts (Can cost on average $500-$1000)
  • Walls
  • Items and clothes in closets
  • Items in drawers
  • Pictures
  • Shutters
  • Binds

Here is a video comparing traditional removal of floor tile and the patented Dust Free DustRam® System:


If you found Arizona Home Floors (our floor removal company based out Tempe, AZ.

Google search results:

tile removal Tucson Arizona

Bing search results:

Bing - Tile Removal in Tucson AZ

Yahoo search results:

Yahoo - Tucson AZ Dust Free Tile Removal

Above is a great testimonial from someone who wished they had used the dust free system, but did not know the system existed. Later on, this gentleman called Jack King and used his service.

What About Virtually Dust Free Tile Floor Removal Company?

It is well known there are many companies who claim to be virtually dust free. What does this mean? This means there is still dust, plain and simple. It’s similar to a semi-boneless piece of chicken, it still has a bone, so why even try to make a claim to be something you are not? Semi formal is not formal just like semi permanent is not permanent, you get the idea. The patented DustRam System IS Dust Free.

Let’s say a homeowner has 1,000 square feet of ceramic tile they want removed. If they go with a company who claims they are virtually dust free, then they could be looking at between 2-15 pounds of dust inside their home after the project is over. Where does the dust go? As mentioned above, the dust can end up in your kitchen counter-tops, inside of your cabinets, your walls and of course on your ceiling which means also your air ducts.

So let’s recap:

  1. There are many removal companies out in Tucson which are not protecting their workers from exposure to harmful silica dust despite new OSHA rules concerning exposure take effect in 2017.
  2. Dust free floor tile removal exists, and we have the VIDEOS to prove it
  3. There is a demand in the Tucson, AZ area for dust free removal of floor tile.
  4. Most flooring companies don’t believe there is a market for this type of service.
  5. There is currently no company in the Tucson area dedicated to tile removal in any fashion.
  6. Virtually dust free does not mean dust free, and you will still have 2-15 pounds of dangerous dust in your home AFTER the removal company leaves.
  7. Many companies who remove tile, even those who claim to be virtually dust free, still put up plastic sheeting, but it doesn’t help because they have inferior equipment.
  8. Traditional flooring removal creates dust all over your home, which is very difficult, time consuming and dangerous to remove.
  9. The whole problem can be resolved by choosing a dust free floor removal company who uses the patented DustRam system equipment perfected over eight years by Jack King of Arizona Home Floors of Tempe, Arizona. He currently has 6 patents for equipment specialized for the removal of tile and other flooring dust free.
  10. There is currently an open availability for a DustRam contractor in the Tucson area.

Homeowners:  You should print this page out, and have your flooring contractor, floor installer, interior designer or home improvement specialist call us at DustRam today at (480) 418-1635 (Click to Call) to discuss the purchase of our patented dust free tile removal equipment.