The following paragraphs tell the story of the evolution of the DustRam® System Equipment from its initial conception, development and progression to an issued patent, and finally to its current position as the most technologically advanced flooring removal system for contractors.

Creating A Business Model That Can Succeed In An Economic Downturn

After 2006, the downturn in this Nation’s economy was affecting many businesses in the construction and remodeling sectors. Since 1984, Jack King had earned a flawless reputation as a high-quality tile, carpet, and wood flooring installer but he was not immune to the fierce competition for limited remodeling work. No matter how difficult or custom the project, most customers were only concerned with finding the least expensive price, except for the middle to higher-end customers.  The worse the economy was, the more likely they were to invest in remodeling their homes and businesses. For this reason, Jack and his business, Arizona Home Floors LLC, had always worked very hard to provide a professional and value-added service to appeal to these clients.  Having a service offering that was unique and valuable meant not having to compete with other contractors underbidding their services just to have some cash flow.  In order to have Jack’s company stand out and be sought after, the products or services had to deliver many times more value than the price.  After almost 30 years in the flooring installation business, Jack focused on one of the major problems prevalent in the industry – how to remove the tile and thinset dust free.  That thought and how it could benefit both customers and the industry led to the conception of the DustRam® System Equipment.

Creating A New And Technologically Advanced Product & Process

After a number of years of envisioning what areas in the process of flooring removal created the most dust, Jack invested a considerable amount of time and money in developing his vision of what the right equipment should do and achieve.   After testing every available ‘dust eliminating’ product on the market and discovering their flaws, Jack began creating an end-to-end system of equipment and processes necessary to make ULTRA-CLEAN dust free tile removal a reality. As the DustRam® System equipment began to take shape and Jack used it on job sites, customers often made comments such as “This is so amazing! Have you thought about patenting the equipment?”. Thus the countless hours of research, testing, and development, money spent on prototypes, drawings, engineers and attorneys began to pay off with extremely happy clients and a constant source of new and increasing business through referrals.

The DustRam® System Equipment Patent Process:

A series of amazing coincidences led to an interview with Michelle Gross, a successful Arizona patent attorney, and Professor of Practice and Director of the Lisa Foundation Patent Law Clinic at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.  After detailed research into Jack’s first invention, the University informed him that the DustRam® was so novel, it qualified for financial assistance.  Out of scores of inventors that applied for assistance, Jack was one of only a handful selected and DustRam® was accorded special privileges as soon as it was submitted for consideration to the Lisa Foundation Patent Law Clinic at ASU because of its exceptional design and efficacy. Under the supervision of Michelle Gross, several bright and forward-thinking patent law students collaborated with Jack on the patent process and their brilliant strategies were woven into the claims.  The ASU Lisa Foundation Patent Law Clinic also provided all the legal work necessary to draft the applications, prosecute the claims, and secure the trademarks. Owing to ASU’s generous funding, Jack was able to produce very detailed inventor’s content and images in the patent applications.  The first DustRam® patent application the Clinic filed was 39 pages: 23 pages of legal content and 16 pages of drawings. Approximately one year later, the CIP (Continuation in Part) filed on the DustRam® was 36 pages: 27 pages of legal content and 9 pages of drawings.  Needless to say, no stone was left unturned.

The DustRam® Receives “Expedited Examination” AKA “Petition to Make Special”

The ASU Lisa Foundation Patent Law Clinic has the distinction of being one of only 13 universities in the country able to file a “Petition to Make Special” — to expedite patent examination through the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office’s pilot program for law school clinics.  Due to the high degree of novelty of Jack’s invention, he was granted one of the two petitions the Clinic receives per semester. This greatly reduced the patent examination time required for the DustRam®. The entire patent application, trademark process, and defense of claims for the DustRam® was accomplished in less than a year.  ASU’s belief in the DustRam® System Equipment and dedication to seeing it patented frames it in the professional light it deserves.  As of September 27, 2013, ASU furnished approximately $100,000 of professional patent and trademark legal work — all pro bono.

Moving Forward With More Components Of The DustRam® System Equipment – Shrouds

The DustRam® shrouds were also judged to be extremely novel and given the expedited examination.  The ultra-clean technology behind the DustRam® shrouds allows for 2-3 times faster concrete grinding and thinset removal than any other shroud for its size on the market and once again, dust free.  By comparison, other systems claiming to be ‘Virtually Dust Free’ or ‘Clean Tile Removal’ have significant flaws which are disappointing to both the user and customer.

The DustRam® System Receives Its First & Second Patent

As of 7/18/18, 11 patent applications, and 14 trademark applications have been filed with more applications in the near future.

On November 12, 2013, the DustRam® System received its first patent #8,578,554 and on August 5, 2014 received its second patent #8,793,835 B2.  It normally takes about five years or more to receive an issued patent but Jack received two in only 20 months.  As time progresses and all DustRam® System patents are issued, this equipment will be more than rock-solid, it will change the industry.

Below is a list of Patents and Trademarks Issued and Applied for.


Original DustRam Patent 1
Patent Number: 8,793,835 B2

Original DustRam Patent 2
Patent Number: 8,578,554

CoolRam Patent
Patent Number: 9,463,546 B1

ShovelRam Patent
Patent Number: 9,301,664 B1

RakeRam Patent
Patent Number: 9,585,308 B2

PulseRam Vacuum Patent
Full Patent Number: 9,981,214 B2

PulseRam Filter Design Patent
Application Number: 29645214

ExoRam Utility Patent
Application Number: 15961286

ExoRam Design Patent
Application Number: 29645213

RimRam – SurfRam
Utility Patent Date: 4/18/18
Application Number: 15956448

RimRam – SurfRam
Design Patent Date: 4/18/18
Application Number: 29644552


Registration Date: 2/14/2012
Registration Number: 4,100,239

Registration Date: 1/29/2013
Registration Number: 4,283,881

King of Dust Free Tile Removal
Registration Date: 8/13/2013
Registration Number: 4,383,319

King of Clean Tile Removal
Registration Date: 4/8/2014
Registration Number: 4,511,841

Registration Date: 4/22/2014
Registration Number: 4,518,713

Registration Date: 4/22/2014
Registration Number: 4,518,714

Registration Date: 4/22/2014
Registration Number: 4,518,715

Registration Date: 3/17/2015
Registration Number: 4,703,909

Registration Date: 3/17/2015
Registration Number: 4,703,910

Registration Date: 9/12/2017
Registration Number: 5,287,887

Registration Date: 5/22/18
Registration Number: 5,476,901

Registration Date: 5/22/18
Registration Number: 5,476,902

Certified Dust Free Tile Removal
Registration Date: 5/29/18
Registration Number: 5,483,004

Registration Date: 6/26/18
Registration Number: 5,503,244

Our Commitment to DustRam®’s Success

We share with you the information on the development, quality, and uniqueness of the DustRam® System because the endeavor has taken an enormous amount of Jack’s time, personal sacrifice and considerable financial resources.  Research, development, testing and proving the equipment, along with other inferior products on the market, required an investment of several hundred thousand dollars.  There should be no doubt that all of the Staff of DustRam, LLC are totally committed to the success of the DustRam® System Equipment and to the individuals and companies who want to purchase it to achieve their own success, business goals, and increased profitability.

DustRam® Offers An Opportunity for Serious Contractors

Our journey through the development and success of the DustRam® System Equipment is meant to inspire those individual contractors and companies who see the vision of what owning this equipment can do for their business, customers, employees, as well as improve the industry as a whole.  As we still await patents on a number of components, there have been a number of attempts, poorly at best, by imitators to craft their own versions of some of our components.  As they say, there are endless uses for Duct Tape and we would be embarrassed to try to replicate their plastic and rubber products, much less market it as ‘dust-less’ or ‘clean tile removal’.  As a result, we do not show or discuss all the individual components of the DustRam® System Equipment in our videos and/or these pages. To fully discuss the complete system, we respectfully request that you complete the NDA Agreement so we can answer many of your questions. A Contractor’s Addendum will be required to secure a designated territory in their area.