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Tile Removal Contractors Using Dust Free DustRam® System

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If you are a Homeowner looking to find a Trained DustRam® Certified Contractor to remove your tile or other flooring dust free, we have provided the map and State listing below to assist you.  These specialized contractors have invested in COMPLETE DustRam® Systems, each of which comprises over 160 components.  The DustRam® System is currently the world’s only patented dust free tile removal system, with 6 patents.  Beware of imitation contractor’s who lack this unique equipment or use ride-on floor strippers, which can severely damage your concrete subfloor!  Please click on any State with the Red pin(s) to be provided with a list of contractor’s in that state or click on the individual pins for Contractor information.

The Red Pins show the locations of Trained Certified DustRam® System Dust Free Tile Removal Contractors who have COMPLETE Patented Systems, which have over 160 components. 

Blue Pins are contractors who have purchased 1 or more components of our equipment and tools to remove tile and flooring in a BASIC limited fashion.

If you are a Homeowner who DOES NOT require or desire a completely dust free tile removal, then you might want to consider contacting a contractor or company with a Blue pin(s).  Please note that these contractor’s or companies have purchased only 1 or a few pieces of the DustRam® System.  They have not received training and would only be able to provide BASIC tile removal, however, they can help you with cutting down on the amount of silica dust typically released from traditional methods of removal.  Additionally, they may also be able to help you with installations and other services.

If you are a Contractor or Company who is already performing flooring removal services and you would like to be listed here on this map, please note that we have different types of tile removal tools and removal equipment available.  You don’t necessarily need to purchase all of the equipment, nor do you need to be a certified contractor to have a pin on the map listing.

With a qualifying equipment purchase such as a Nylon DustRam or ExoRam, for a monthly fee, you could be listed on our map as a company who has purchased BASIC equipment.  Every equipment purchase counts towards at some point becoming a Certified DustRam Contractor.

dust free tile removal contractors in the United States

Be smart!  Hire only DustRam Certified  Contractors for your flooring removal needs

With traditional tile removal tools, Homeowners can expect to pay additional costs to hire professional companies to perform multiple home and HVAC ductwork cleanings only to have the possibility of dust reappearing out of nowhere for months.

Learn more about the differences between traditional flooring removal and dust free removal here:

Dust contamination in closets, cabinets, and drawers, on drapery, furniture, rugs and home electronics will occur from contractors using only current industry tools and processes.

The DustRam® System is a multi-component package of specialized tools, used in conjunction with high-performance vacuums, to remove tile, thinset, wood, vinyl, coatings or other floor coverings in residential homes and commercial buildings without the dust and mess normally associated with traditional industry tools.

It consists of specialized tile removal tools for every step of the removal process designed to capture the dust at the source so it never has a chance to become airborne and contaminate your home.

If your house is home to you, your children, elderly parents, and pets, paying a little bit more for a dust free service will save you in the long run.

Contractors who purchase the DustRam® System Equipment are required to attend 3 Days of hands-on training in proper tool operation and refined processes to ensure every job can be completed dust free.

If anyone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma, COPD, other respiratory or medical conditions, please contact one of our DustRam Certified Contractors.  If there is not a contractor in your area, please let the contractors you speak with about your flooring remodel know that this technology exists and you want your project done dust free!

Other contractor’s lacking the DustRam System equipment will be unable to remove your flooring faster, better or with consistent Dust Free results!








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