The ExoRam® is the newest addition to the DustRam® System of tile removal tools and equipment.

It enables the operator to use a Bosch 11264EVS Chipping Hammer and a Nylon DustRam® for dust free tile removal from a standing position.

Here the video below was produced by HP and shows the setup:

Here is another video comparing what we use versus what some other companies use:

exoram and skiram tile removal tool

DustRam attached to a SkiRam and ExoRam for stand up flooring removal – Click to open the image in a new window

As of January 2019, we now have 7 issued patents.  There are a minimum of six patents pending.

One of the patents I currently have is for my own vacuum called the PulseRam®, which will be shown in the near future.

In the 2 years since I have been building equipment, I now have 51 distinct parts that are 3D printed, with another 24 parts that are fixtures to aid in the assembly, making for a total of 75 distinct 3D printed parts I use to build some of the DustRam® Equipment.  The PulseRam® by itself has 15 separate 3D printed parts.  I have chosen to show very little of the equipment I have developed in videos, so this has led to others attempting to build their own version(s) of equipment to capture dust and debris to meet the new Osha silica dust standards.

Unfortunately, most have not researched in depth what is required of their equipment to professionally handle very difficult and technically hard floor demolition removal of ceramic, commercial carpet removal, vct, hardwood and multilayer flooring in both residential and commercial projects.

There are many floor removal companies trying to enter the market of clean tile removal in the cities of Chandler, Surprise, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Peoria, Mesa and throughout all the other cities and states in the USA, including other parts of the world.  I marvel when I see their videos (if they even have one; many do not) showing only the easiest and rather basic types of floor removal service, which are usually only a few seconds long.

Often, they show “time-lapse” videos where it is impossible to gauge exactly how long it took to do a job, and they are typically the easiest to remove projects of ceramic, grout, and mortar; typically coming up in full pieces with little to no effort.  Easy jobs only represent a small fraction of what the reality is for removing tile…usually, it can be very difficult especially when dealing with latex modified thinset.

Of course, having already been where they are at now, I understand clearly why nearly everyone shows videos like this because difficult jobs would expose possible flaws in their equipment design and technology, which is exactly why they only show simple and easy removal videos.  I wanted to set the record straight and show consumers and contractors there is a huge difference in how a piece of equipment is designed and its efficiency in more difficult removal situations.

For example, when tile breaks into smaller pieces, this is where the rubber hits the road.  It is more difficult than one might imagine designing dust shroud equipment for a chipping hammer to power through the tile and other types of flooring quickly without clogging or jamming.  I worked on the design of the DustRam® for well over four years before I made the metal version available for purchase to qualified contractors and installers.  I am sure glad now I waited until all the bugs were worked out.

When I see competitors putting their equipment out on the market often in just a few months, they may not have thought through the details of how their equipment will need to perform under adverse conditions.  Understandably, they are trying to get their product out to compete directly with the various DustRam® products.  However, doing so too quickly without working out all the details can quickly backfire…as many soon find out.

If you are a consumer researching contractors to remove your tile dust free and after watching the video above, which brand of equipment would you prefer your contractor have when working in your home or business?

If you are a contractor researching dust free tile removal tools® and equipment for a cleaner tile remover and after watching the video above, which brand of equipment would bring you the most confidence and credibility to use in your customers home or business?

Here is something to consider.  There are over 160 components in a full DustRam® System…how many are available from Bosco™ tools, just guessing maybe 4 or 5?  If a representative from their company can provide any information on this I would be grateful, and will happily adjust the information here.

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