DustRam is an attachment for the Bosch 11264EVS chipping hammer that is designed to capture dust and small debris particles 360 degrees around the chisel preventing dust from becoming airborne.

The DustRam system of equipment is a package of specialized equipment scaled to the number of operators on a removal crew.

Each system contains more than 100 individual components.

DustRam is for established flooring professionals who are looking to offer the premium service of dust free tile removal to their customers.

Unfortunately, the DustRam System equipment is designed for established flooring professionals who have experience with flooring and have established relationships in the flooring industry.

DustRam is available to established flooring contractors in the United States. We do not ship outside the 50 States.

No, the full DustRam System is sold to established contractors who have been trained to use the equipment correctly. Since training is involved and systems contain more than 200+ different components the system is not available for rent.

The DustRam system is sold as an equipment package that is scaled to the number of operators trained to use the system.

Systems start around $68,000 and are scaled for the number of operators using the equipment.

The DustRam system is the only complete system available on the market and the only patented dust free system. A trained contractor will be able to offer completely dust free tile removal. Our competition is only “Virtually” dust free which means there will be dust created in your home.

Yes, the DustRam system in the hands of a TRAINED contractor will offer the most complete dust free tile removal service available.

We have some examples of the DustRam system being used on our video page.

Hanging plastic is not necessary since the dust is captured the instant the dust is created.

No, the DustRam system is designed to capture dust the instant it is created so the dust doesn’t become airborne.

All contractors are trained to remove all types of tile and wood flooring without hanging plastic.

Wet grinding uses water to prevent dust from becoming airborne.

The DustRam system captures the dust the instant it is created so water is not needed.

Water introduced to a floor delays any installation project due to drying time. New floors can’t be installed until the floor is completely dry.

Depending on the amount of water used and the condition of the concrete, drying can take days to even weeks to be ready for the next step.

DustRam does not use any water so the project stays completely dry.

No, DustRam is a complete system of equipment consisting of more than 200+ separate components sold to contractors with flooring experience.

We do have numerous DustRam contractors in the United States available. Find a DustRam contractor by visiting the following link: https://www.dustram.com/contractors/

Yes, training is included with each complete system sold to new contractors.

Typically, the owner and two operators travel to Arizona for a three-day training program.

Transportation, food and lodging is not included with the training.

On the job training is provided with detailed emphasis put on how to operate the equipment completely dust free and how to maintain the equipment.

Yes, financing is available through Ascentium Capital.

We work with one individual that understands our equipment is so the process is smooth.

No, DustRam is not a franchise. We sell equipment packages to contractors who will run their own business.  You will own your equipment.

We do have a NDA Agreement to purchase equipment.  A Contractor’s Addendum is also required for those who seek a designated territory in their area.  These documents require electronic initials and signatures.

No, at this time DustRam equipment is only available in the USA.

No, DustRam has not expanded outside the USA.

No, the DustRam system is designed to remove all types of flooring including, all types of tile, thinset, laminate, wood flooring, carpet, pad and tacks strip.

The system can also remove adhesive, epoxy and micro toppings. The system is very versatile and can be used on many surfaces even wood subfloors.

All flooring removal systems other than a DustRam system are virtually dust free.

Virtually dust free means that there will still be dust in your home.

There is over 1 pound of dust per square foot during a tile removal project. On a 500 square foot project capturing 90 percent of the dust will leave 50 pounds or more floating around your home that will end up on the walls and ceilings and in your HVAC system.

The DustRam system will capture all of the dust.

We do have videos of our system on the DustRam website.  Please visit the link below.

DustRam Videos

Keep in mind there is much more to a DustRam system than the videos show.  Full systems includes more than 200+ components and are scaled according to the contractors production requirements.

A DustRam system includes over 200+ specialized components.

Each system is scaled to the specific business by understanding how many operators will be trained to use the equipment.

The Bosch chipping hammer, DeWalt and Makita grinders are not included. We do provide part numbers for the tools needed to work with the DustRam system.

Yes, you may purchase a Nylon DustRam if you fill out our DustRam specific NDA Agreement.

Our NDA serves as the instructions and warranty for the DustRam attachment.  Please understand the importance of a quality vacuum system with a 2” hose.

The DustRam can capture a large amount of dust and debris and can clog a small shop vacuum quickly affecting the performance of the DustRam.

DustRam manufacturers its own high-quality vacuum system. Our vacuum is designed to be the workhorse of your system and can run all day picking up not only fine particles but debris that would destroy a quality shop vacuum.
Customers who purchase a complete system and come for training receive a dot on the contractor map. We build a search engine optimized web page for you on the DustRam website.

The DustRam is designed to work with only the Bosch 11264EVS chipping hammer.

We use the DeWalt D28499X angle grinder and the Makita 9565CV angle grinder. The chipping hammers, grinders and hand tools can easily be purchased on Amazon.com or any reputable tool supplier like Home Depot or Lowes.

Yes, the DustRam system is OSHA compliant by exceeding the requirement for the OSHA Crystalline Silica Dust Rule that takes effect on September 23rd, 2017.

DustRam allows you to offer patented dust free tile removal, a premium service to your customers.

Many contractors are charging what we charge for dust free removals for traditional tearouts. This allows you to charge more for a cleaner, faster, more efficient tile removal service.

Most DustRam contractors can pay off their complete system and add additional equipment in 1-2 years.

Please visit our discovery form located at the link Discovery Form.  Once you have filled out the discovery form please read, initial, and sign our NDA Agreement. We will contact you and answer all your questions.