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After over 10 years of development with several patents issued, Arizona Home Floors and Jack King have discovered that by combining our nylon DustRam tile removal tool, coupled with the Bosch 11264 EVS electric chipping hammer, we can achieve a dust free tile and flooring removal process.

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With the new OSHA silica dust exposure rules in place, tile removal contractors need to think about not only protecting their workers but the homeowner as well.

Contractors can do the best job possible, meaning showing up early for a job, having an experienced and trained crew and even being licensed, bonded and insured, but when dust goes airborne, the homeowner or business owner is not going to be happy, we have developed a solution.

Here a video filmed by Arizona Home Floors 24-inch slate tile being removed dust free with our new nylon DustRam attachment system:

All home improvement contractors know choosing the right tools for a job and managing your time are two of the most important things you can do to have a successful business.  Often these two things go hand in hand.  There are many ways to get a project done and many tools that can accomplish similar goals.  Having a patented tool to remove tile dust free should be the goal of all contractors in the tile and flooring removal industry.

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Thousands of builders and contractors use tools such as the chipper shredder, welding tools, die grinders, demolition hammer, rotary hammer, wood chipper, drills, impact wrenches, angle grinder, air compressor, rivet buster, and cut-off saws every day.

Each has positives and negatives that must be weighed to make the best choice.  For example, a manual tool might be cheaper and easier to control, but power tools can greatly speed up the process.

There are hidden costs for each choice as well.  We have purchased some of the various tools that companies are using to attempt to duplicate our process, here is the page which goes into detail comparing our DustRam tool to another tool:


Here is the video on that page:

The extra time needed when using a cheaper method equates to lost profit as you are unable to complete fewer jobs in a set amount of time.

Smart contractors know they need to invest in their business to be profitable.  Contractors should leave the manual and time-consuming processes to the weekend DIY homeowners and add some power tools to their arsenal.  Ideally, a tool to use for multiple purposes and most average jobs.  One such tool to get frequent use is the Bosch 11264 EVS electric chipping hammer.

Unless a job is starting completely from scratch, there will be some amount of demolition needed.  Demolition work can range from easy and therapeutic to a complete pain in the neck.  Often, the main factor determining how this experience will go is how well the previous contractor prepped the existing subfloor and how well bonded is the flooring.  A contractor obviously has no control over and cannot plan for this situation, other than having the best tools on hand.

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Consider a tile replacement project or any floor removal project.  Depending on the bond of the original tile installation, demolition can be as easy as popping the old tile off or as difficult as breaking and chiseling everything away.  If a contractor has an electric hammer for chipping ready to go, then they will be able to handle anything regardless of how it was initially laid down.

While the pros of using an electric tile chipping hammer include increased power and speed, a major downside is a giant mess it creates.  Not only will there be the large amounts of broken tile to dispose of, but the power tool operation creates a great deal of dust, which can launch itself into the air at the site of the tooling.

Airborne dust is one of the more insidious and hard to deal with the effects of home improvement.  Many common construction materials contain an element called silica.  Silica is found in many construction materials and is also one of the most common naturally occurring elements on earth.  Though a naturally occurring element, it doesn’t mean it is good for humans to inhale.

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When removing the tile and other construction materials, the dust that results is full of silica.  Inhalation of silica dust can be a health hazard and only takes a small amount to begin to cause damage.

Silica dust exposure can result in a range of serious illnesses, including several fatal ones such as various forms of cancer.  For a homeowner who is doing their repairs, this is not much of a concern.  However, for home improvement contractors who are around this type of material on a regular basis, it is vital they take proper precautions.

To protect workers from silica dust they should use masks with filters rated for this exposure.  There are also tool attachments that can be used in conjunction with power tools like electric hammers for tile used to reduce the amount of dust kicked up into the air.  The most powerful option out of all of these attachments is the DustRam®.

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The DustRam® is the only attachment for electric chipping hammers that can result in a dustless working environment.  It fits over the hammer and chisel bit with a 360-degree opening around the chisel that immediately captures all dust occurring at the site of impact.  Larger intake holes further up the attachment capture ambient dust that may occur further away.

Here is a video comparing the DustRam and another tile removal tool:

Aside from being a health hazard, the dust created when using any type of chipping hammer is the hardest part of a job to clean up.  Even if you lay down protective plastic and tape up the areas you do not want dust to get into; it will linger in the air for days and eventually settle on every exposed surface.  If you remove the protective layers before all of the dust can settle from the air, then it can end up all over the home.

Unless you are willing to leave a site for as long as it takes for the dust to settle completely, there will always be some amount of mess to clean up unless you use the dustless DustRam® attachment with your chipping hammer.  With the DustRam®, there is no need for extensive clean up after completing the work, which means an overall faster job.

The DustRam® is only designed to work with the Bosch 11264EVS chipping hammer.  Even if you already have a chipping hammer of a different model, it is well worth purchasing this compatible tool to take advantage of the dustless capabilities of the DustRam®.  DustRam LLC sells a full dustless system for home improvement contractors.

Visit our products page to learn more about the equipment we carry or give us a call at (480) 428-3880

There is also a high demand to purchase the DustRam® attachment for electrical chipping hammers by itself.

For the budget-conscious, DustRam sells a nylon attachment for under $1,500.

The DustRam® is extremely durable and is compatible with any shop vacuum that uses a 2” hose.  We recommend also purchasing the PulseRam® vacuum to get the best experience.

Contractors who make frequent use of the electric chipping hammer should seriously consider purchasing a DustRam® since this is the only attachment on the market that can deliver on the no mess promise.  Competitors that are “virtually” dustless still allow a percentage of dust into the environment and can put workers at risk if they do not take proper equipment precautions.  See the comparison video on this page of the DustRam® vs the Dust Commander®

Do not compromise.  Give the DustRam® a try, and you will likely want to purchase the entire DustRam® System to handle the rest of your demolition needs.

Visit our products page to learn more about the equipment we carry or give us a call at (480) 428-3880