Dust Free Tile Removal Tools

DustRam, LLC seeks to attract and assist companies who will further enhance the use and awareness of DustRam® System Dust Free Tile Removal.  Imagine the possibilities of being the first contractor or retail flooring store in your city and surrounding areas to offer these services.  It is apparent from the number of email requests and calls we receive daily, high demand for this service already exists throughout the U.S. and other countries around the world.  More companies who can provide this unique service are needed to meet market demand.  Below is pertinent information on our patented equipment and the business model structure for interested parties to review, compare and consider.  The technologically advanced equipment offers the opportunity to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Differentiate your company products from competitors
  • Eliminate preparation, purification and cleaning expenses
  • Increase both speed & productivity
  • Service unique, discriminating clientele including those with allergy or health concerns
  • Reduce employee exposure to hazardous particles
  • Expand the market into new serviceable areas & applications
  • Build a solid reputation in the market place

The complete line of equipment allows extremely fast, professional, micro pure and ultra-clean replacement of these Flooring Materials:

Adhesive Removal
Ceramic Tile Removal
Thinset Removal
Wood Floor Removal
Paint Removal
Porcelain Tile Removal
Sheet Vinyl Removal
Epoxy Removal
Hydrocord Removal
Saltillo Removal
Floor Tile Removal

Clear Glue Removal
Travertine Removal
Carpet Removal
Crack Membrane Removal
Slate Removal
Stone Removal
Tile Floor Removal

Wood Removal
Cutback Removal

Our equipment is also designed for dustfree concrete grinding of high spots and leveling.  Applications also include removal of tile and stone from vertical surfaces like showers stalls and fireplaces.

The DustRam® System Equipment Offers Unlimited Growth Potential

Our equipment is a brand new technology with the potential to change the flooring removal industry throughout the country and perhaps other parts of the World.  Imagine a time when Federal, State or local government regulations or customer demand requires all flooring removal to be done ‘DustFree’.  Those who own and use our equipment to do dustfree tile removal now will have a head start on the competition.  As you introduce DustRam® System equipment to the market in your area, homeowners, contractors, remodelers, builders and businesses will seek your services.  Customers pleased with DustRam® System equipment’s speed and cleanliness are sources of referrals to countless friends, family, and colleagues.  Favorable reviews online also bring qualified customers your way.  As demand for the dustfree flooring removal provided by the DustRam® System increases, you can adjust your pricing higher, allowing for a more expedient return on your investment and increased profitability.

The DustRam® System Equipment Eliminates Dust Control Measures

Using this equipment saves time, effort and money spent on preventative measures that do not accomplish eliminating dust.  Please review the following examples of the benefits of using the system:

  • The equipment can be operated in occupied homes and businesses without the need for plastic sheeting and tape.
  • For tile chip and grit control only, we request clients move furniture to adjacent rooms.  In cases where furniture or electronics are still close to the work area, a temporary wall of plastic sheeting is erected or plastic laid over the items.
  • The HVAC and/or A/C units can remain on during the removal and vents do not require plastic covering.
  • Items in closets and/or pantry, cabinets, drawers, and on closet shelves do not have to be removed unless in contact with the floor area.  Doors to adjacent rooms do not require plastic or tape.  Only items that block visibility of the work area, hamper movement or operation of equipment, will need to be relocated.
  • Personal items on countertops and bathroom vanities should be removed by the Homeowner to prevent contamination by errant chips or materials from the tile chipping process.  Towels, toothbrushes, and other bathroom items should not be placed in the bathtub or shower.

With this equipment and processes, a skilled crew should leave the clients’ home free of debris, and it should be cleaner than before the tear-out took place.

Powerful Technologically Advanced Equipment For Dust Free Tile Removal

Our equipment is not just one but a combination of specialized pieces of equipment working together to complete each phase of the tear-out.  Eliminating just one piece of the equipment will result in a reduction of speed and increase the debris generated.  Attempting to integrate other equipment into the system will not produce desired results.  For example, replacing the DustRam® Chipping Hammer attachment with cheap rubber or plastic boots will not result in the same collection of the debris generated.  These boots will clog and the chipping hammer does not move forward as easily through the debris.  Over time, the boots will start to disintegrate upon impact with resistant surfaces because they were originally designed for concrete drilling than tile removal.  Real-world extensive job site testing has shown that the DustRam® Chipping Hammer attachment does not encounter these issue, extends the life of the chipping hammer and removes flooring 3 to 4 times faster in the hands of the operator.

Removing tile is hard enough but removing the thinset below is even more difficult, complex and time-consuming.  The industry standard has been to use chipping hammer chisel blades that can and will gouge the concrete in the process of removing the thinset; tools and methods that fail in both speed and cleanliness.  Our experience in the Phoenix, Arizona market is that 30% of all concrete subfloors is “Soft”.  For this reason, “ride-on floor strippers” or stand-up chipping hammers are not ideal for use on residential concrete.  Most contractors rarely invest in a single 7″ grinder and when they do, the current tool suppliers offer them completely unsuitable shroud designs.  Our equipment has technologically advanced, highly engineered for performance shrouds.  We also will be offering a modified Edco TG-10 grinder that will grind twice as fast and many times cleaner than a stock TG-10.  All our grinders, shrouds and custom-designed grinding wheels outperform, and if used correctly, outlast any of those supplied by current manufacturers.  Our equipment removes thinset from soft concrete, backerboard and wood subfloors fast and with the least amount of damage, leaving floors measurably flatter and better prepared for new flooring installation.

The vacuum you decide to use will ultimately make or break your reputation if you advertise ‘Dust Free’ and cannot deliver that promise.  Many expensive industrial vacuums on the market clog if they lack the capacity to self-clean their filters.  Our equipment is used in combination with industrial vacuums that are modified by us to increase power and performance.  To put this into perspective, we have buried more than half the filters with almost no significant loss of power or performance due to our modifications.  No local hardware or retail home improvement store can offer the kind of vacuum you need to achieve dust free tile removal that ours can.

DustFree Tile Removal Dump Trailer of Arizona Home Floors

Dust Free Tile Removal Dump Trailer of Arizona Home Floors

Marketing to Higher-End Clientele for Maximum Profit

If your current equipment is not giving you a client base and projects for middle to higher-end homeowner clientele, designers, contractors, remodelers or commercial buildings, purchasing our equipment can elevate you to a more professional level and make your investment in the DustRam® System equipment worthwhile.  For example, if your current market price for tile removal is $1.25-$1.50 sq. ft. to cover labor and outdated, traditional equipment, imagine how much more profitable it would be to charge a minimum of $2.50-$3.00 sq.ft., depending on whether the premises are occupied.  Typically, the savings on labor and materials for clean-up alone is at least $0.50 sq.ft., meaning more tear-out profits.  Certain types of flooring like Saltillo tile can command as much as $5.00 sq.ft. using our equipment and clients will pay for it.  Pricing will depend on your current market but do consider that not only do your profits increase per square foot, you are able to remove flooring about 3 times faster.  If you currently average 300 sq.ft. per day with your existing equipment, that means you could potentially remove 900 sq.ft. per day using our equipment.  You will see the return on your investment quickly based on how much work you can secure and how large the projects.

DustRam® System Equipment: 100% Unconditional Warranty for 3 Years

The Military Grade equipment we manufacture comes with a 100% unconditional warranty for 3 years, with all other integrated items warrantied by the original manufacturer using their warranty guidelines.  Other than wearable items like grinding wheels, skirts, vacuum hoses and exhaust tubes subject to abrasive wear our equipment is built to last for years.

Equipment Packages Available to Suit Your Business Size

The equipment can be designed to accommodate both your present business needs and future goals.  Smaller-sized contractors, plumbers, electricians, and kitchen/bath remodelers may require only a minimum one-man system.  Depending on job conditions, this allows for 200-400 sq. ft. per day of ceramic or porcelain tile removal, including thinset.  A two-man package allows for 400-600 sq. ft. and a three-man package allows for approximately 600-1000 sq. ft. per day.  With profits generated by using our equipment, more equipment can be purchased as your business and size of the crew grows.

We Promote Your Company

As long as you perform your services with a high degree of professionalism and without fraud or customer complaints, you have our SEO expertise to promote your company.  When you purchase the equipment (NDA Agreement required) and complete the Contractor’s Addendum required to have a designated territory in your area, and also to be listed on our web site as an authorized DustRam® Certified Contractor.  We also have many other web sites we list our Certified DustRam Contractors, such as dustfreetileremoval.com.  We can tailor SEO to target your specific coverage area(s) for organic placement on Google.  You also qualify to have your own dedicated page on www.dustram.com and if you have your own website, you can link your page from your website back to your designated page on www.dustram.com to give it even more SEO strength.  This gives you more credibility and helps distinguish your unique business from other competitors in your marketplace.  The marketing value of the DustRam name surpasses any marketing you could implement on your own.  Here is an example of how a Contractor is listed on DustRam.com.

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