Here is a list of a few of the various products made by DustRam® for dust free tile removal and other types of flooring removal.

Please note that all these devices listed will require an NDA filled out by the purchaser before this equipment can be sold or shipped.

Nylon DustRam®

We originally designed the Nylon DustRam® for use on vertical surfaces and flooring materials that were loosely bonded.

After many hundreds of hours of testing, it was discovered the Nylon DustRam® works very well on well-bonded floors too and is nearly as strong as the metal version.

This means you can use the Nylon DustRam® on a Bosch 11264EVS 1-5/8 SDS-Max Combination Hammer with a HS1915 2 In. x 12 In. SDS-max Tile Chisel for the purposes of removing all types of tile, porcelain, stone, saltillo, tackstrip, thinset, stacked stone, showers, and countertops; faster, cleaner, and quicker than you can imagine.

The Nylon DustRam® must be connected to a self-cleaning vacuum with a CFM of 250 or higher using a 2″ vacuum hose, with a 2″ cuff to experience the best results.

The Nylon DustRam® costs much less to produce than the metal DustRam®, therefore giving you an opportunity to experience for yourselves just how remarkable this single piece of equipment is.

FYI – This single piece of equipment will whet your appetite to want more of the DustRam® System equipment!

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exoram and skiram tile removal tool


The long-awaited ExoRam® device to allow the operator to stand while removing tile, porcelain, saltillo, slate, travertine, and other flooring materials is now available for purchase.

Many installers and contractors have discovered from renting or purchasing the “trolley” devices to hold upright large demolition hammers often don’t work very well.

There are several reasons for this.

Trolley stand up devices fail to work adequately when the flooring removed is tightly bonded to the subfloor.  The chisels typically will “skip” over the tile and will not go under the tile very well.

Additionally, those trolley devices use very heavy and overly hard-hitting machines that throw debris with excessive force outward.  This can create a large amount of damage to cabinets, doors, walls, appliances and other objects.

The ExoRam® allows an operator to have nearly an infinite number of angles to approach the tile removal process.  The ExoRam® is very light-weight (9.6 pounds) and attaches and detaches to a Bosch 11264EVS Chipping Hammer is a few seconds.

The trolley devices and other types of stand up equipment are heavy and time consuming to use.

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Here is a unique 3D printed piece of equipment manufactured by DustRam, LLC called the SkiRam®.  This device when mounted will allow your Bosch® 11264EVS 1-5/8 SDS-Max Combination Hammer to stand upright when not in use.

Why is keeping a chipping hammer upright important?

Because the SkiRam® prevents coarse debris and grit from entering through the bottom of the base, where they can cause extensive damage to the hammer.  This way production is increased and equipment downtime is radically reduced.

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The Small EdgeRam® is shown here mounted to a Bosch® GWS13-50VSP (Paddle Type Switch) 5″ angle grinder. A Bosch® GWS13-50VS (Slide Type Switch) 5″ angle grinder will also work.

Small EdgeRam®

For contractors everywhere who struggle to edge along baseboards and under toe-kicks, DustRam LLC has the solution for you.  This premium dust free grinding shroud is like no other on the market.

Made from solid billet aluminum with a 3D printed air gate called the RimRam®, this device will quickly allow you to remove thinset, paint, coatings, micro toppings, adhesive, and black glue quickly and efficiently, while capturing all the dust as it is created.

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pulseram replacement pulse bac filter

Pulse-Bac® Vacuum Filter Alternative By DustRam® Fits CDCLarue® 1000 Series

After working out some of the issues we and our contractors experienced with the red filters made by CDCLarue® we ended up creating our own solution for our Pulse-Bac® vacuums.

The filters we manufacture are backward compatible with most of the existing vacuum filters used on the Pulse-Bac® vacuums.

Visit the link above to see if your vacuum is included in the list or Click HERE to learn more about purchasing PulseRam® Filters for your CDCLarue Vacuums®.


filter plates pulse bac 1250

3D Printed Filter Plates For The Pulse-Bac® Vacuum 1250 And All 1000 Series

CDCLarue® Pulse-Bac® 1250 replacement filter plates are available now to replace the original ones that came with your vacuum.

Cracks have been found to develop in the older 1000 Series Pulse-Bac® vacuum systems.

If you are going for dust free tile removal, it’s imperative that you upgrade your current filter plates with these newly 3-D printed versions.

Visit the page by clicking on the link above, or call us at (480) 428-3880 to learn more.  Have your model number double checked before you call to ensure compatibility.


PulseRam® Circuit Boards

Are you having problems getting your filters to clean properly on your *CDCLarue® *PulseBac® vacuums?  If so, DustRam, LLC has a solution you might want to check out.

These circuit boards are embedded in heat-dissipating epoxy, which also prohibits dust, humidity and corrosion from affecting the sensitive electronic components.

These circuit boards fit the Pulse-Bac® PB-1050H, PB-1050, PB-1150, and PB-1250 Series vacuums, and possibly the Pro Series Vacuums.

Click HERE to learn more about purchasing a PulseRam® Circuit Board.



The VacRam® was designed by DustRam, LLC to help speed the process of vacuuming coarse debris from the floor during the many stages of the tile removal process.

The 3D printed VacRam® part is designed to last for the life of the accessory, and will so long as it is not subjected to impacts or operator carelessness, such as being thrown into a pickup bed, trailer or dropped.

The Rigid floor brush is useful for vacuuming debris off wood and laminate flooring but the operator must take care not to scratch those surfaces.  Removing the brush attachment permanently is the best tactic for removing coarse thinset and small tile chips from the subfloor surface.

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ChipRam® – More information coming soon.

SurfRam® – More information coming soon.

PulseRam® Vacuum – More information coming soon.

Metal DustRam® – More information coming soon.








PulseRam® Wire Harnesses – More information coming soon.

PulseRam® Solenoids – More information coming soon.

DustRam® Custom Grinding Wheels – More information coming soon.

KneeRam® – More information coming soon.

RipRam® – More information coming soon.

Vacuum Hoses – More information coming soon.

*Disclaimer:  Pulse-Bac® and CDCLarue® are registered trademarks of Christy Inc.  Please Note:  DustRam, LLC does not sell, distribute or manufacture Pulse-Bac® vacuums or distribute CDCLarue® manufactured parts.  However, DustRam, LLC does manufacture certain aftermarket performance products, which can fit certain models of their vacuums.

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