Floor Tools

Floor Tools

Are your outdated Floor Tools keeping your business on the ground?

If you are an experienced flooring contractor, you know all too well how dusty and difficult the removal of tile, cement board, gypcrete and other flooring materials can be.  While you pride yourself on installing a beautiful new floor for your client, do you often find that the finished result is not well received?  This may be due to the amount of dust created during the removal process that is now evident on every flat surface in the home and may be on the walls and ceilings as well.  Despite your best efforts to contain, reduce, evacuate and clean up, a noticeable amount of thin set dust and debris is left behind.

You can see it now and your client will be seeing it long after you drive away with a check in your pocket.  The traditional protective measures, tools and processes used have fallen short of your best intentions and the client’s hope for a clean tile removal.

Even though you have come to expect this outcome at every job, there is a solution which will make each removal job you perform faster, cleaner, and more satisfying for both you and the client – The DustRam® System Equipment is a floor tool for dust less removal of tile, wood, vinyl, backer board and other materials.

Why use the DustRam® System Equipment floor tool for dust free removal?

The DustRam® System Equipment consists of both Patented and Patent-pending flooring tools for each step of the removal process.  Each tool is used in conjunction with high performance, high-powered vacuums so the dust can be captured as it is being created from start to finish.  The DustRam® System Equipment was invented, developed, field tested and refined to be 100% effective by an actual flooring contractor.  The versatility of the equipment enables removal of flooring materials on both concrete and wood substrates.

You can eliminate putting up and taking down ineffective plastic barriers, setting up dust collectors to filter dust already in the air, and attempting to clean what cannot be seen.  No longer will you, your crew or your clients have to breathe the Crystalline Silica and other contaminants that become air borne during flooring removal.  You will save time, reduce material and labor costs, and have an opportunity to enhance the reputation you worked so hard to build with a growing market of homeowners demanding their flooring be removed dust free.

A Flooring Tool to elevate your profits, increase referrals and keep your company above the competition.

Many homeowners, who have had tile removed before or know someone who did, expect that they will be cleaning for months, if not longer.  They are on the Internet right now searching for a dust free flooring removal solution while you and your crew are working at a job site.  If your company had the ability to offer this type of premium service, think about how many more leads and removal projects you might be able secure for your business.

The costs for moving out of the home and into a hotel during the removal process, for a professional cleaning service to make multiple visits, and to get carpets, ductwork, and draperies cleaned is money that could be going into your business account instead.

Clients with homes of great value, filled with belongings they cherish, see the added value and benefits of hiring a contractor offering dust free flooring removal even if it costs a little more.  Anyone with respiratory conditions like asthma, allergies, COPD, or small children and pets, would prefer a dust less removal over visits to their doctor or time lost at work.

With the DustRam® System Equipment floor tool, you can finish each project with a sense of real accomplishment and confidence that your client will tell everyone who sees their new floor what an amazing job your company did.

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