The SkiRam® has been designed for several critical roles to greatly enhance the production characteristics of a Bosch® 11264EVS 1-5/8 SDS-Max Combination Hammer.  The Bosch® Model 11264EVS chipping hammer was initially chosen as the main component to attach 4 different components manufactured by DustRam, LLC.

The main reason the Bosch® model is the best chipping hammer for dust free tile removal is that it has a generous metal area near the front to allow the clamping of a Metal or Nylon DustRam®.  There are currently no other manufacturers who build chipping hammers with anything to conveniently mount another device up near the HS1915 2 In. x 12 In. SDS-max Tile Chisel.

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Another reason the 11264 Model was chosen is because of its variable speed option.  There are many times it is desirable to dial back the power and the blows per minute to perform delicate flooring removal from saw cuts, tile repairs, and to reduce or eliminate the dust created from loosely bonded floors.

The SkiRam® reveals its value by allowing the 11264EVS to stand upright on its own.  This prevents the base from touching or dragging the subfloor where the grit and debris from flooring removal generally resides.  Keeping the base free from contacting sand, grit, and small pieces of tile will add incredible life to the critical and expensive armature directly inside the unit.  Also, the power cord is now protected from dragging the floor and prevents breaking the wires inside the insulation.

Since designing and manufacturing the SkiRam®, Arizona Home Floors, and the other Certified DustRam Contractors who own this piece of equipment, have dramatically increased production and also greatly eliminated downtime as a result.  The armatures now last nearly indefinitely and repairing broken power cords have become a thing of the past.

To purchase a SkiRam® will require the purchaser to complete an NDA prior to the sale or shipment of equipment.

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Care of the SkiRam® requires some common sense to have the best experience and longevity.  When transporting the 11264EVS to and from job sites the SkiRam® must be removed and placed either inside the protective case for the chipping hammer or somewhere that it will not be subject to impact from falling.  The SkiRam® can last indefinitely with proper care, handling, and storage.

Removal of the SkiRam® Base is easy and requires no tools.  Simply push the small button on the end of the quick-release T-handle push-pin and pull it from the base.  Unclick the SkiRam® from the base and replace the T-Handle push-pin in the hole to prevent its loss.  That’s it!  It requires only a few seconds to install and a few seconds to remove, and with no tools needed.

Below is a video on how to install the SkiRam® Base on a 11264EVS.  The Base does require some simple tools but only takes about 10 minutes or so to install.  Once installed you leave it in place until the time comes to overhaul or repair the 11264EVS.  Please keep your original stock Bosch Base to reinstall on the chipping hammer when you need to take it to a repair facility.

Call NOW to purchase the SkiRam® at (480) 428-3880