Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Removal

The DustRam™ System generates a lot of questions from those not yet familiar with the service or what it does.  Below you will find questions we are often asked, so perhaps your question might be answered there.

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“I’ve been hearing a lot about the DustRam™ System. What exactly is this?

The DustRam™ System is a combination of patented and patent pending tile removal equipment, which when operated by trained professionals, allows an incredibly fast and ultra-clean way to remove tile and thinset in your home or business.

Quite simply, the equipment and process is so advanced, plastic sheeting is not required for any protection against dust. Indoor air quality can be maintained at incredibly high levels, even while tile and thinset are being removed unbelievably fast.

If you’ve watched some of our videos, you can be confident you’re watching an accurate depiction of the DustRam™ System process in action.

“What type of homeowner or individual is the DustRam™ System tile removal & floor preparation services designed to service?”

The DustRam™ System is specifically designed for those who are health conscious, particular and quality driven.

The DustRam™ System maintains the cleanliness of your home’s contents and personal items during the floor remodeling and floor preparation process.

So if you’re health conscious, have health issues, or suffer from severe allergies, this is a golden opportunity to update and beautify your home in the healthiest and greenest way possible.

“I’ve never had tile removed before and I’ve heard it can be a real mess. Is it really that dusty and can it be avoided with the DustRam™ System?”

Ah, you’ve obviously heard some of the horror stories about the dust created from traditional tile and saltillo removal methods.

Sadly, those stories are true, but not when it comes to the DustRam™ System for tile removal.

The DustRam™ System is ULTRA-CLEAN and there’s nothing faster at removing tile and thinset while leaving your home spotless. Maybe you thought you were forever doomed to living with the same dated and ugly tile or saltillo because you feared the mess involved.

There is a choice now! The DustRam™ System allows your home or business to be remodeled without the fear of toxic, dangerous concrete dust invading and overtaking every square inch of your living space.

“My flooring retailer, designer or installer assures me using plastic and tape will work just fine to contain the mess and the dust. Is this a professional approach and does this really work?”

If you’re particular about your home or have health issues, the answer is no.

Plastic might help keep some dust contained, such as in a lone bathroom, but plastic ATTRACTS DUST.  Also, if you’re removing tile and thinset, especially saltillo, travertine or slate throughout your home, simply using plastic and tape does little to address your walls, ceilings, furniture, closets, window treatments, electronics, etc.

Even if it could be made to work, removing the plastic is extremely dusty once the plastic is covered in dust.

The key to the DustRam™ System is capturing all the dust the very split second it’s created, preventing the dust from migrating through the air.

I have an occupied home or business and I’m really concerned about my stuff getting covered in dust. Is it really true you can remove tile and thinset virtually dust free with the DustRam™ System?”

Absolutely!  Please watch some of our videos, and please watch them in their entirety.

Many of the longer videos document the full process and are edited only for time.

“I’m purchasing a home and when I take possession the home will be empty. Do I still need the DustRam™ System tile removal services?”

Yes, the DustRam™ System can prevent very expensive damage to your concrete and damage to your central air handling system.

If traditional low cost or even “free” tile removal services are used, you run the real risk of severe concrete damage from other competitor’s tile and thinset removal process.

Your air ducts and heating and cooling system can also become covered in fine dust, requiring expensive and professional cleaning. Your walls and even your ceilings will also be covered with very fine concrete dust.

The DustRam™ System not only preserves the integrity of your concrete but it also dramatically contributes to the overall flatness of your concrete, all dust free. You will save money on concrete repair, materials, installations and the cleaning of your home because of the precision of our services.

“I’m a designer or flooring retailer/contractor and I already have installers doing my tear outs. Why would I want to change over to using the DustRam™ System?”

The DustRam™ System gives you access to a brand new market, which is currently untouchable in your business model.

You are missing out on ALL the particular customers, including those with extreme health and allergy issues.

These types of clients often are unwilling to remodel their homes or change their old flooring because they are EXTREMELY aware of the negative side effects of careless and sloppy tile and saltillo removal services.

Offering this service in conjunction with the traditional method of tile removal opens your business up to endless possibilities. The time will soon come where if you’re not offering the DustRam™ System as a service, your competitors who are will be getting those clients.