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fix broken tile without replacing it

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How To Fix a Broken Tile Without Fully Replacing It?

If you have a broken tile that needs to be replaced, but you would prefer simply fixing it, there are options that are available. You may have detected hairline fractures in one or more tiles, something that can be fixed with epoxy glue in just a few minutes. 

Using a toothpick, you can fill in the gap and subsequently paint over the area so that it will properly match the surrounding tiles that are not broken or cracked. There are other options available for those that have the time to fix a broken tile without fully replacing it. Follow along with DustRam® to learn the few strategies that you can follow to repair any tiles that are currently cracked. 

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Overview Of the Step-By-Step Process

Prior to fixing a broken tile, you will need to prepare for this activity by gathering certain items. There is certain equipment that you will need, a small amount of epoxy, cardboard, and a clean space by which to work. The equipment that you will need will be quality epoxy, gloves to protect your hands, a popsicle stick, or a toothpick. Cardboard is the platform that you will be doing the work on, placed over a service that you will be working over. Finally, you also need to get a detail painter brush to finish the project.

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1. Start By Cleaning Your Area

Before you mix the epoxy that you will be using, it’s important to clean the entire surface of the tile that you are repairing. Even though a small amount of dust will not affect the finished product, it’s just easier to work with a thoroughly cleaned surface. It is recommended that you use rubbing alcohol, and paper towels, to thoroughly clean the area you will be repairing. 

You will then want to mix the epoxy which will come in two separate tubes. This should be done on the cardboard, mixing at least 2 tablespoons of each mixture from the bottles that will lead to the chemical reaction that hardens the epoxy. The epoxy resin, once mixed, will provide you with enough material to fix several tiles. Keep in mind that the solution will eventually harden, so you need to move quickly once it has been combined.

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2. Filling The Crack

Epoxy will only work if you are fixing hairline cracks or small fractures. If you are trying to repair something that has a much larger break, it’s not going to be enough to simply use epoxy. Once you have filled the cracks, you will then use a popsicle stick to push the epoxy into the crack and make it as level as possible on the surface. In general, due to the consistency of the epoxy, it will move down into the crack on its own. However, this material dries exceedingly fast, which is why this must be done directly after the chemical reaction caused by mixing the epoxy components from both models and tubes has occurred. 

You can then allow the tiles to sit, typically for several days as the material hardens. You need to make sure that people are aware that those tiles should not be walked over. One other thing to consider is the temperature in the room. It should be kept at a constant level. If the temperature is fluctuating, it’s going to affect its ability to harden and remain affixed to the tile. Epoxy can dry in less than 15 minutes, which you can determine by simply touching it with your finger or the popsicle stick.

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3. Cutting Away the Excess Epoxy

There is one other tool that you will need which is a scraper. These are typically equipped with a razor blade that is extremely sharp. By scraping the epoxy once it has dried, you can remove the excess, keeping the blade at a 45° angle. You will then remove the dried epoxy and start the final process which is painting over the epoxy to match the color of your tiles.

4. Painting Over the Epoxy

Even though the crack will be fixed, there will be a noticeable difference between those that have not been damaged and the ones that you are repairing. That’s why you should paint over the area where the epoxy has been used. Most epoxy is clear, and not colored, which will make this part very easy. 

You will want to use what is called dye power, which can be obtained online or at your local hobby store. You will simply match up the color of the tile with what is available at the store and use that to paint over the affected area. Additionally, if the epoxy seems to blend in nicely, you may want to skip this step altogether.

Alternatives To Using Epoxy

There are other alternatives to using epoxy that you may want to consider, especially if you cannot find any at your local store. Super Glue or gorilla glue are options that may work. You may also want to try these materials if the tiles are not just cracked but have literally been split in half and need to be reattached together. Another alternative is to use standard wood glue. 

If the tiles that are cracked have a glazed finish, you may also need fingernail polish to complete the process. This will allow you to blend in the crack that has been repaired more efficiently. This is ideal for cracks that are on the floor, on tiles that you do not need to remove to repair them. This type of repair will require sandpaper to level out the entire area. Finally, using nail polish might be a cheaper alternative to using epoxy.

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Not As Complex As It May Seem

Repairing cracks in broken tiles is not that hard to do. You have many different options available. From hairline cracks to larger ones, simply purchasing epoxy for this type of repair will often work. You also have the option of using wood glue, or nail polish, to affect the same result. Be sure to obtain colored dye powder to match your tiles. You can paint directly over the area that has been repaired. 

In just a few minutes, you will be able to avoid replacing your broken tiles using these easy solutions for restoring tiles that have been cracked. One other option that you do have available is to hire a dustless tile removal company that can assist you in replacing the ones that are cracked or broken. You can find more information on our website about the services that we offer. For the latest news and trends be sure to visit our blog. Find more content related to “How to Fix Tile Without Replacing It.”

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