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To maximize time and resources for all parties, please read and reflect on all the information provided herein prior to contacting me.


Is the DustRam® System the Opportunity of a Lifetime?

I have succeeded in creating an exceptionally fast and professional method of removing flooring dust-free. This puts me in a unique position to help other contractors achieve the same phenomenal results in their businesses.  The first wave of contractors privileged to have the amazing and innovative DustRam® System will have tremendous advantages over their competition.  If being on top is important to you, this system of dust-free tile removal will put you there.


The DustRam® System Saves Time, Increases Production, and Produces More Profit

Let’s assume all or most of your customers are middle to higher-end clientele.  If you work on a regular basis and charge at least $1.50/ft. for tile removal, the equipment pays for itself.  How?  The DustRam® System is so technologically advanced and efficient, you can easily double the amount of tile you remove by the day, week, or month.  The time saved with the DustRam® System gives you two attractive options: cut your work-day in half and maintain your current income, or continue your current work load and double your income.  Either way, labor costs are reduced and cleaning costs eliminated. This results in a substantially increased bottom line.

Considering the speed, cleanliness, and dramatically smoother, flatter sub-floor upon job completion, the DustRam® System equipment delivers at least four times more value than old-fashioned (traditional), cheap and messy tile removal equipment.


Is the DustRam® System a Good Fit for You?

There are several strategies for implementing the DustRam® System equipment to the greatest benefit.  My initial advice to interested contractors is to carefully assess your local market conditions.  It is also vital that you work regularly with middle to higher-end clientele.  I cannot stress this enough!  If this is not your clientele, I recommend you not pursue this opportunity further.  However, if it is, the DustRam® System could be an exciting and profitable opportunity for you.  Ask yourself if your business model and perspective include any of the following present or potential clients:


> Homeowners, business owners, designers, retailers, contractors, and other professionals
> Individuals who are particular about their homes or businesses
> Individuals or families with allergies, asthma, or other health conditions
> Retirement Communities
> Universities and Schools
> Daycare Centers
> Nursing Homes
> Hospitality
> Hospitals
> Military


As you can see, the more varied and expansive your client base, the more the DustRam® System is a potentially lucrative business venture for you.  However, please understand: this type of business requires extreme attention to detail, intelligent workmen, follow-through, and proper equipment maintenance. Those contractors who can commit to this level of professionalism and believe the DustRam® System would benefit their businesses are encouraged to read further.


The Patented DustRam® System Sets the Standard for Dust-Free Tile Removal

It is no surprise the patented DustRam® System equipment is fast becoming the standard for judging the effectiveness of dust-free tile removal equipment.  As rugged as it is effective; and used properly for its intended purpose, a DustRam® is designed and built to last for decades.  Based upon extensive research, a DustRam® is capable of delivering 2-3 million square feet of high quality, dust free tile removal. This is the equivalent of 2,000-3,000 jobs of 1,000 square feet per job.  You get the picture...  It’s got staying power.


The DustRam® System Combines Science and Technology to Create High Performance Equipment

The DustRam® System’s exceptional value rests on a foundation of rigorous scientific and technological research and exacting manufacturing standards.  I developed this equipment and honed the process on actual job sites.  To anyone thinking, “Really, how hard could this be?” -- put it this way: from conception to final product, countless refinements were necessary, and many issues had to be resolved before the system was perfected.


The DustRam® System Pays for Itself Many Times Over

Used regularly, the DustRam® System is capable of delivering value at over hundreds of times its initial price.  Can you say the same for your present equipment?



The DustRam® System


To protect my interests, at present I must keep many aspects of the DustRam® System private.  To qualify for a purchase of DustRam Equipment, it will be necessary to print, then complete both the NDA/Non-Compete and the Equipment Purchase Agreement. A Contractor's Addendum will also be required, should you decide to become listed as a DustRam Certified Contractor, with a designated page on DustRam.com. 



The DustRam® System and the Phoenix/Tucson Metropolitan Areas

In addition to the manufacture of the DustRam® System equipment, I am currently focused on building the residential tile removal market in Phoenix, Tucson, and the surrounding cities.  This has left me zero opportunity to develop the commercial side of DustRam.  I am now seeking a high-quality, loyal contractor to introduce a DustRam® System into this market.  There are a few conditions:


>  Unless written permission is granted by DustRam, LLC, the DustRam® System can be used ONLY for commercial purposes and NOT residential;
>  The equipment must be insured against theft or loss in a separate inland marine policy;
>  Since this could rapidly become a $500,000-$1,000,000 per year market, a fair license or royalty fee needs to be determined payable on a monthly basis.  I am open to all fair and equitable proposals.


This is an opportunity to stand out in the marketplace with a unique and necessary service.  In addition, since we are not competing in the same market, we can easily support each other with additional equipment or labor as the need arises.  This is a win-win for both of us.


Please contact me if you have a serious interest in this opportunity.


Future Potential and Economic Impact of the DustRam® System

Jobs have been outsourced and manufacturing plants shuttered across the country. The DustRam® System equipment is 100% built in the USA.  An exceptional product that fills a need in the marketplace has the potential for worldwide distribution.  I believe the DustRam® System is such a product, and that it will ultimately make a positive contribution to the U.S. economy and beyond.  Tens of thousands of people worldwide could be employed in all aspects of DustRam® System equipment production, distribution and service.  This benefits whole sectors of the society and creates real tangible wealth.



The Final Step Before Contacting DustRam, LLC

I prefer to err on the side of providing a lot of information, rather than not enough.  This saves time and helps you to make informed decisions. There are links below, which will give you access to more information.  This is all designed to put things into better context before you contact me.  A productive first interview depends on how well you understand this material, and if you share my viewpoints and perspectives.  Please be prepared to elaborate on your current situation and how the DustRam® System equipment will enhance your business.  You will also want to watch my several of my instructive and enlightening videos.  They will give you further insight into the dynamics of the DustRam® System. Disclaimer:  To protect my IP, these public videos do not reveal all the equipment or processes involved in performing the DustRam® process. Certain items of equipment may not be discussed during our initial phone interview.


The DustRam® System is a groundbreaking opportunity.  However, like any business venture, it requires an investment of personal and financial resources, and a driven and dedicated person in order for it to succeed.  I can’t stress enough the necessity of digesting all the information I’ve provided.  It is designed to help you determine if having a relationship with DustRam, LLC will be beneficial to you, or a complete waste of your time and money.  The right contractor will be a 95-100% perfect fit for this equipment. To help you determine if you are that person, please take a few days to thoughtfully consider all the information contained herein.  If you then feel this opportunity is designed for you, please contact me to arrange for an initial phone interview.



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