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Written By DustRam®

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dustless tile flooring removal services by dustram

Removing 720 Square Feet of Tile Floor in a Naples Florida Home

With Spring in season and new home design trends like country core or cottage core taking precedence in the interior design world, many homeowners are seeking to switch it up! Spring is the perfect season to renovate your home and improve the interior or exterior aesthetic. Start your home remodel the right way and get your flooring removed without worrying about the dust.

DustRam® is the inventing company of the dust-free tile flooring removal method and the system that captures silica dust at the moment of production. We service many cities throughout the US. Follow along with DustRam® to see one of our projects in Naples Florida. We removed 720 square feet of tile without exposing workers or the homeowners to the dust.

Tile Dust in the Home – Respirable Crystalline Silica Dust

DustRam® Floor Tile Removal Services

Before the Removal of the Tile Floor Began

Approximately 720 Square Feet of Tile

↓ The Living Room ↓

before the tile removal job

Above is the living room and some of the dining room area of tile flooring that would eventually get removed.

↓ The Living Room - The Opposite Direction ↓

common area living room for tile removal

In the above picture, you can see in the opposite direction and get a glimpse of the kitchen while standing in the living room area. The living room area accounts for about 390 square feet of the overall 720. The living room area measurements are 24’06 in width by 15’11 in length. 

DustRam® vs Dust Commander® Tile Removal Tool Comparison

↓ The Kitchen ↓

before kitchen tile removal job

This is the kitchen area which includes about 83 square feet of tile. The refrigerator was intact and need to be removed. The width of the kitchen area is 6″02 by 12’02 in length and then another section that was calculated to be 2’07 in width by 2’06 in length. The square footage for the kitchen totaled 83 square feet of tile, that needed to be removed the dust-free way.

↓ The Dining Room Area ↓

dining room area tile removal before

The dining room area was cleared out before our crew arrived. The measurements for the dining room are 11’03 in width by 11’10 in length which totals 134 square feet of the 720 project. 

DustRam® Dust Free Tile Removal Videos


↓ The Hallway Area ↓

before dust free removal of tile in hallway

This portion of the hallway, in the image above, accounts for a total of 71 square feet of tile. The measurements for this part of the hallway are 3’03 in width by 21’06 in length.

hallway tile removal before picture 26 sq ft

The portion of the hallway in the above picture equaled 26 square feet of tile needing to be removed by our team. The measurements are 3’06 by 7’04.

Crystalline Silica Dust Is Touted the New Asbestos


The portion of the hallway in the above picture equaled 16 square feet of tile needing to be removed by our team. The measurements are 3’10 by 4’02.

DustRam® Certified Service Centers and Tile Removal Contractors Using Dust Free DustRam® System

During the Tile Flooring Removal Service

↓ Common Area ↓

rubble tile floor
rubble tile flooring house dustram
left over thinset mortar on ceramic tile
dining room thinset tile
dining room tile thinset removal services
dustram thinset removal
kitchen tile floor removal and thinset

↓ The Hallway During the Removal ↓

hallway thinset
mini hallway 26 sq ft of tile removal

↓ The Bedroom During the Removal ↓

bedroom thinset tile removal

Final Results: Dustless Tile Removal in Naples

↓ We Ground Down & Scarified the Concrete ↓

Not only do our contractors deliver a dust-free result, capturing approximately 99.97% of cancer-causing silica dust, but we also leave your concrete subfloor in pristine condition for the installation of your new floor. 

scarified concrete subfloor
kitchen subfloor ready for install
kitchen refrigerator area tile removal dust free
pantry tile removal
hallway tile removal scarified concrete

Our team will never compromise your air quality. The sole purpose of our system and existence is to make sure our customers are never exposed to crystalline silica dust because we understand how dangerous breathing this substance can be to a person’s health. Its cancer-causing properties make exposure to this dust alarming.

We implore you to research the several types of flooring removal methods so that you are aware of the repercussions when choosing a traditional or virtually dust-free floor removal method over a truly dust-free tile removal by DustRam®. If you would like to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling or filling out a contact form. We encourage you to also visit our blog for the latest news and trends.

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