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Written By DustRam®

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cooper city florida tile removal

Removing 597 Square Feet of Tile in Cooper City, FL

DustRam® Tackles this Residential Job the Dust Free Way

Cooper City is a city in Broward County, just 15 miles southwest of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Cooper City was first established in June of 1959 by the Special Act of the Florida Legislature. This city has gained popularity over the years for being a wonderful place to grow families. This year,  DustRam® had the pleasure of working on a 597 square ft project in a Cooper City home. Our team removed tile dust free in the dining room, kitchen, and bedroom areas. Follow along with DustRam® as we guide you through one of our Florida projects!

Before the Tile Removal

The Dining Room

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The dining room ended up being approximately 331 square feet of tile floor that need to be removed. The measurements for this area were as follows:

12’03 X 20’00

1’10 X 1’08

8’08 X 5’01

1’11 X 3’07

As we move through this case study, towards the middle you will see the rubble from the dust free tile removal. At the very end of our case study you’ll be able to see the end result and how smooth the subfloor is left through the use of our dust-free equipment. The flatness and smoothness of the concrete subfloor will be extremely noticeable and you will also be able to capture the essence of the quality of our work by getting a glimpse of the ground down thin-set and scarified concrete slab. Our mission at DustRam® is to provide you with top-rated and the best quality services in existence, completely dust free.

wine rack tile removal
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tile before flooring removal was performed

The Kitchen

kitchen before tile removal

In the kitchen area, our crew was responsible for removing a combined total of 131 square feet which included a small pantry, a refrigerator area, and a walkway to the garage. The dimensions are as follows:

5’01 X 9’03

2’06 X 2’00

2’08 X 3’00

2’03 X 2’09

2’06 X 2’07

4’03 X 5’08

3’07 X 8’06

fridge area before tile was removed
tile floor
kitchen with tile floor intact

The Bedroom

tile floor in bedroom

The bedroom had 135 square feet of tile floor that needed to be removed. The dimensions here were:

10’02 X 12’05

3’00 X 2’06

During the Tile Removal

guys remjoving tile floor
dustram removing tile
ceramic tile removal rubble

After the Tile Removal

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We want to point out that in the process of removing the tile using the DustRam® system, the thinset gets ground down to the concrete slab and we scarify it, which helps with better adhesion to the new floor. The subfloor is left in much better condition with our method than it would be if you hired a traditional or virtually dust-free contractor. 

The DustRam® dustless tile removal system captures the dust the instant it is produced and will never go airborne. Our crew disposes of cancer-causing silica dust far from your home. For more information about our truly dust-free tile removal service contact us today. You can also find a DustRam® certified contractor in your city, or visit our blog for the latest news and trends. 

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